The Stun Gun Flashlight Seems Like Something Batman Would Have In His Utility Belt
The Stun Gun Flashlight Seems Like Something Batman Would Have In His Utility Belt

I vividly remember watching Batman's old TV show as a child. Sixty in the sixties with Adam West as a casualty Batman and Burt Ward as the boy wonders, Robin. Together the two heroes will fight crime in the fortified city of Gotham. They were two bad boys and let's face it, they had to run around dressed like them.

I remember being fascinated by all the Batman toys like Batmobile but what impressed me the most was his belt. What that didn't have in it. Need to create a fun game to escape quickly? Why not use a smoke bomb. Need to contact Robin for help or second fashion advice? Use the walkie talkie of the service band. It contained a boomerang (or batarang as he called it), bat lasso, bat cuffs, an expulsion device, first aid kit, bat glasses, an underwater breathing 6.5 creedmoor ammo. No matter what the situation, the man was ready as long as he had the help of a marvelous belt. The only thing I never saw him pull out of his belt was an amazing shotgun. I'm sure he may have had an amazing device in his belt and I know he had a bat lamp and I think I remember him opening the alarm on his belt sometime but he could have kept the room and got a lot more of those three things into one very efficient device / flashlight.

The stun gun flashlight is first and foremost a flashlight with a red cone attached that can be used in road emergencies. The second way one can use this device as an alarm is to scare off bad people. I don’t know if it will be enough to scare Riddler or Mr. The last way to use this device, and I really hope you won't need it, is like an amazing device. I think it works much better than standard stun devices as it is the most amazing stick than anything. At 16.5 inches this device gives its user the best range for self-defense and at 200,000 volts is more than enough to get the job done.

So if you are looking for a non-lethal self-defense tool and all-purpose tool that you can add to your work belt please consider an amazing shotgun.

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