In-mold Labels

Longer product endurance and design protection

In-mold Labels: products that last and protect design

In-mold labels deliver a more durable product thanks to a thermoforming process that is more resistant to scratches, high and low temperatures.

The plastic layer protects the design and provides a visually appealing label look.

Machines suitable for these labels

These labels are used in

Food & Beverage

Wine, spirits, soda, dairy, and general food packaging

Health & Beauty

Pharmaceutical, luxury products, cosmetics, and general medical products


Durable labels for chemical, automotive, household, and industrial markets


Build marketing and promotional campaigns through labels


Products that benefit from unique labeling techniques
“Technological capabilities, a well-known brand name, positive reviews from printers, favourable price and high-quality service were our criteria for choosing a new press. How it would print on thin films and extensible substrates was also extremely important to us. After in-depth research and machine test experiences, we decided on the MPS EFA 340 flexo printing press.”
Alexander Anfimov, MDM-Flex Managing DirectorRussia

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