The 80s, 90s and 2000s can be considered as the wealth accumulation phase when people were heads down, working hard. Since the start of the pandemic, more and more people are wanting to give back. With the trust deficit going away, it’s time to think about philanthropy in a broader and more strategic way to ensure maximum impact of every rupee that is given away.

Catalytic Philanthropy is an approach that creates transformative change by fostering trust-based relationships between funders and non-profits to impact vulnerable lives at scale. Being one step remote from ground realities we realize the need of being a bridge builder to help represent and connect NGO aspirations of uplifting the community with those who have power, influence, and resources. Thus, playing a catalytic role for bringing in social change. We do this by leveraging our network of stakeholders (NGOs, funders, sector experts) , conducting research and being insights led in our advisory and building capacities of non-profits to become stronger institutions poised for greater impact.

Over the last year,  we’ve engaged 370 + stakeholders, comprising of 67 families, 59 corporates and 41 foundations.  With an aim to raise awareness about the multipronged impact of the pandemic on the most vulnerable communities and bring together philanthropists to support grassroots and locally led organizations, Dasra anchored its efforts through home-grown initiatives such as #BackTheFrontline (BTF) campaign that began in April 2021 and unlocked INR 72Cr in relief funds raised for 152NGOs , 474 foreign and Indian funders,  touching the lives of millions of at-risk communities.



Given that philanthropy is deeply personal, there are no simple steps to achieve the change you want to bring in the world. Dasra shapes your philanthropic roadmap by asking powerful questions, sharing best practices, exposing you to ground realities and enabling you to engage with other likeminded philanthropists. Our immersive donor education programs, extensive network of non-profits and open-source research reports will guide you from philanthropic aspirations to real impact.

Being a strategic giver means providing ‘patient capital’ that achieves results and transforms lives. Dasra leads with an outcome-based approach to your grant-making, ensuring that social change achieves results. Our robust community of like-minded funders and inspiring non-profit leaders help you clarify the root cause of issues, highlight path-breaking solutions and create a multiplier effect through collaborative giving platforms.