10 to 19 Dasra Adolescents collaborative

India is home to 254 million adolescents. Although these young girls and boys have the potential to transform India, they lack the basic resources and agency to do so. They are restricted by poor access to facilities such as sanitation, education and healthcare, as well as deep rooted socio-cultural norms.

Dasra intends to transform the vulnerable period of adolescence, by creating an environment in which adolescents are safe, heard and celebrated. By investing in adolescents, especially girls, we aspire to create agents of multi-generational change and economic impact.


10to19 is a high-impact platform that unites social organizations, funders, technical experts and the government to empower and positively impact the lives of millions of adolescents.

Priority Outcomes

Completion of secondary education

Completion of secondary education

Delaying age at marriage

Delaying age at marriage

Increasing agency

Increasing agency

Delay age at first pregnancy

Delay age at first pregnancy

Drivers of Change

We keep adolescent voices at the center of all our work, and integrate adolescent representation throughout program design. By building conducive and safe environments, we support initiatives that lead to behavior change by, for and towards adolescents, by addressing social norms.

We are currently building an ecosystem for peer learning, knowledge sharing and collective action amongst a network of non-profits across 25 states in India. We engage with the government right from the beginning to ensure that adolescent programming is replicable and sustainable.

Dasra provides dedicated capacity building, fundraising and programmatic support to a curated cohort of implementing non-profits. In our first phase, we are partnering with Centre for Catalyzing Change, Child in Need Institute, Aangan Trust and QUEST Alliance, to implement their programs in specific districts in Jharkhand.

We use innovative technology, to understand what works on the ground, codify and build evidence, and disseminate learnings to the sector. Leveraging data and technology helps us stay innovative and results-driven.


  1. 2008

    Commenced research on and around issues faced by girls in India.

  2. 2010

    Closed the first Dasra Giving Circle with Educate Girls.

  3. 2011

    Published research report funded by Kiawah Trust on empowering adolescent girls in India: 'Owning Her Future'.

  4. 2013

    Launched the Dasra Girl Alliance (DGA), a $14MN, multi-year initiative with USAID, Kiawah Trust and Piramal Foundation.

  5. 2014

    Launched the Dasra Girl Power Awards for emerging adolescent-focused organizations; assessed 318 organizations.

  6. 2016

    Through DGA: leveraged $28MN from 145 funders; researched 21 issues; built capacity of 200 organizations; reached 3.5 million girls, women, and children.

  7. 2017

    Launched the Dasra Adolescents Collaborative at Dasra Philanthropy Week 2017.

  8. 2022

    Leverage USD 50MN to reach 5 million adolescents.

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